…AND THE PROBLEM WITH RELYING ON MICROSOFT ALONE It’s an interesting problem that we are seeing time and time again. Companies (and I’m not talking small ones either) relying on Microsoft to be their IP Address Management tool or to … Read More

IDC 2022 Global DNS Threat Report

Securing Anywhere Networking DNS Security for Business Continuity and Resilience DNS has been the Achilles’ heel of the network since its creation, making it a target of choice for cybercriminals. These attacks exploit weaknesses, gain access to the network, and … Read More

New DNS Vulnerability – NXNSAttack

A new vulnerability on DNS has been published today, called NXNSAttack.

The vulnerability is very well documented by Lior Shafir, Yehuda Afek and Anat Bremler-Barr. … Read More

McGill University’s Network Transformation

An Approach to a Unified DDI Environment Preamble Whilst this technical write up around why a specific DDI (DNS, DHCP & IP Address Management) was chosen is a couple of years old we are seeing network refreshes starting to occur … Read More