…AND THE PROBLEM WITH RELYING ON MICROSOFT ALONE It’s an interesting problem that we are seeing time and time again. Companies (and I’m not talking small ones either) relying on Microsoft to be their IP Address Management tool or to … Read More

IDC 2021 DNS Threat Report

EfficientIP DDI Extension for Tufin SecureTrack

Attend 2021 Tufinnovate APAC and get a free Tufin plug-in with EfficientIP solution … Read More

What is DHCP Fingerprinting?

DHCP Fingerprinting is a technique for identifying the requester of a DHCP lease. This process is linked to getting an IP address on a network. DHCP Fingerprinting is performed through the analysis of the DHCP exchanged frames and their content. … Read More

Taking Control of Multi-Cloud Infrastructure with Automated DDI

Quick video highlighting how users can work with on-site and cloud solutions easily. Automated DDI is there to take away the modern problems of multi-cloud and mixed server environments.