EfficientIP DDI Extension for Tufin SecureTrack

Managing security of IT is challenging; moves to cloud and zero trust increase complexity by adding new devices and configuration pro- cesses through automation. Users are more mobile, application de- ployment more frequent, hybrid cloud present in most enterprises and threats even stronger.

Tufin proposes a complete solution to manage security policies embedded in various equipment. Each security policy needs to be converted into technical configuration on security devices with strict accuracy. In order to handle this complexity and improve quality on the control side, analysis and compliance tools must remain aware of their environment – including IP information. In this context the IPAM (IP Address Management) is key, since it contains the “IP golden re- cords” – data which is always up to date, always accurate and should therefore be considered as the single source of truth.

The EfficientIP SOLIDserver DDI has been designed as an event driven solution which is able to inform the IP ecosystem in real time of any changes. The extension for Tufin SecureTrack is thus able to notify the security solution about any changes on subnet zone association for accurate compliance analysis.

Download the Full Datasheet

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