PlexNet today signed with innovative End-2-End testing company NetCor distributing their GeNiEnd2End product. For true End-2-End analysis using real throughput, transactions and important measurement metrics this product gives PlexNet a unique standing in the network testing and monitoring industry.

GeNiEnd2End provides a comprehensive End-2-End measurement system for a myriad of technologies. Their solution enables users to understand performance of triple play in the enterprise, distrubted WAN infrastructure , LTE network performance (including testing to the handset) and into the virtualisation space.

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TruView has been given the Best Hybrid Solution award and was named a Value Leader in the Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Application-aware Network Performance Management (ANPM) 2013 Radar report.

This is exciting news and should provide customers and prospects confidence that TruView is the answer when it comes to supporting their Application and Network Performance needs.

New special from Fluke. The well known AirMagnet product is available in an Android version called "AirMapper". Fantastic value with a 5 pack available for only $995!

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AirMapper™App sees beyond speed and signal strength to map true smart device performance and elevate enterprise network BYOD performance

EVERETT, Wash. – August 29, 2012 – Fluke Networks today announced the AirMapperTMApp, the first application for AndroidTM that provides a visual heat map of actual Wi-Fi throughput performance on smartphone and tablet devices. While existing solutions can map speed and signal strength or perform throughput spot checks, the AirMapper App is the first to provide a visual throughput map, which is key to optimizing Wi-Fi networks by taking the actual user experience of mobile devices into account.

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