Today an article, Vendors slow to patch OpenSSL vulnerabilities, in ITNews details that several key technology vendors are yet to fully patch against the OpenSSL cryptographic library used to secure networked communications.

This may come as a big surprise considering the amount of press that Heartbleed has had.

To patch all servers, ask all users to reset passwords can be time consuming. Indeed how many users also practise safe security?

An interesting discussion point is that there are certain tools out there that could make this a very easy process. Whilst one solution / device / practice does not ensure complete coverage it is interesting to note how one solution could have made this whole process easier.

Arbor Networks recently purchased an Australian company called Packetloop and have brought it into their stable under the name Arbor Prevail SA. This unique solution allows the security team to record potential threats before they have been formally identified.

The Fluke Networks OneTouch AT Cloud Service extends OneTouch AT Network Assistant troubleshooting capability with new visibility into network performance over time. A long-term view of network infrastructure, service and application performance is invaluable when troubleshooting unpredictable, intermittent problems that all too often occur when network support staff is away. Research shows that intermittent problems are some of the most difficult and time consuming problems to solve.

The Cloud Service also serves as a daily management and problem avoidance tool by facilitating identification of performance degradations that could adversely affect client devices and end users if left uncorrected.

Download this file (2014_06 OneTouchAT Cloud - AN.pdf)2014_06 OneTouchAT Cloud - AN.pdf[OneTouch AT Cloud Service - Application Note]1367 kB

8.3 and 9.0 - [DataCenter] vs. Discovery - Server Filters

Over the past few weeks we have been dealing with a new option on TVC 9.0 that VPM 8.3 didn’t have; DISCOVERY (Portal Page > Administration > Analysis).

This option was first introduced on 8.3, where it had no real functionality, except to mirror the [DataCenter] subnet scope; thus any time the [DataCenter] subnet changed, the Discovery subnet also changed, but the TVP units didn’t use it. Ensure Optimal User Experience on Wireless Networks

As wireless carriers fight to reduce customer churn, the new high-performance, portable solution will help them troubleshoot voice, video and data issues on LTE networks.

EVERETT, Wash. – June 09, 2014 – Fluke Networks today unveiled the Network Time MachineTM LTE/VoLTE, a portable LTE troubleshooting appliance that helps wireless carriers resolve network performance issues quickly and cost effectively. This ability is crucial to reducing customer churn, as subscribers who switch wireless carriers increasingly point to poor customer care and inadequate network performance as their reason for leaving. The Network Time Machine provides extensive network and application visibility, as well as the forensic details necessary to solve signaling or data performance problems in 20 Gbps carrier environments. Using Network Time Machine, carriers can measure and prove network performance, resolve subscriber issues and deliver the best possible consumer experience to meet growing voice, video, and data demands.

Aeroflex is delighted to announce the general availability of its TeraVM release 11.0 software. Release 11.0 for TeraVM delivers a five times increase in TeraVM performance across ESX and KVM environments and introduces a virtual network function (VNF) for Test Data as a Service use in validating your NFV, SDN and Cloud functions, architectures and services.
To get your copy of the TeraVM 11.0 release notes contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.

Aluminum is cheaper than copper, so copper cladded aluminum cable or CCA cable has been showing up on the market for some time now. Since aluminum is lighter than copper, the boxes of CCA cable tend to be noticeably lighter than their all copper counterparts. This is normally your first clue. However, the CCA cable vendors know this too and we have had reports of installers finding "ballast" in the boxes to make them feel the same weight as all copper cables.

What not to do with an OptiView and some gotchas!

We get asked many times about “doing” things to an OptiView XG because it uses a Windows 7 Professional Operating System.

Firstly, don’t! If you try to apply common corporate practices of hardening Windows PCs to the OptiView XG, you will break it, full stop!

OptiView IS NOT a Windows desktop machine, the security guys do not and in many cases must not get involved with the unit trying to harden it up as per an organisations' security policy. OptiView must primarily been seen as a tablet based tool for the network engineer, not just another Windows PC.

Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD) 

Also referred to as  Application-aware Network Performance Management (AANPM)

Inaugural Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD) Magic Quadrant positions Fluke Networks as a leader in this sector.
PlexNet along with Fluke Networks is excited to share with you Gartner’s first NPMD Magic Quadrant report which emphasizes the need for a single integrated solution to monitor, troubleshoot, and analyse networks and even more importantly, the applications and services they carry.
Market analysis conducted by Gartner noted the growing interest in the NPMD market which is also referred to as Application-aware Network Performance Management (AANPM). Increasingly, companies are realising how essential it is to understand their customers’ and end users’ experience with their networks and applications.
To read the full magic quadrant and obtain a copy of Gartner's NPMD report, click on the link - Gartner Resource Center

The business case for data center consolidation is compelling as networks, applications and services become more complex, users become increasingly mobile and businesses need to reduce costs without compromising performance.

However, to realise these benefits organisations need to manage the consolidated architecture closely against performance metrics.

Download the Whitepaper HERE

This document describes the minimum specifications required for the supply of a Network Analysis Tablet (“tablet”) for analysis of network and application performance on Switched Ethernet Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN).

The tablet must also be capable of monitoring and analyzing important attributes of network infrastructure devices, hosts and servers. 

Download this file (2013_09_09 OPVXG Tech Spec.pdf)2013_09_09 OPVXG Tech Spec.pdf[Detailed Technical Spec of the OptiView]173 kB

Fluke Networks has created a plugin that integrates analytics from TruView into the New Relic Platform. 

This allows customers using New Relic to extend the investment they have already made by adding TruView giving them complete performance visibility into applications and the underlying network infrastructure benefiting network engineering and Ops as well as the application development perspective.

Users of New Relic can extend their investment by adding TruView giving them complete visibility into the application performance both from an application development perspective and from a production environment performance viewpoint.

What is the plugin?

The TruView Plugin for New Relic is an agent that takes key data-center network infrastructure and application performance information collected by TruView and delivers that data into a new Relic dashboard.

The Plugin consists of a data collection agent and a custom dashboard in New Relic.  The data collection agent pulls data out of TruView via TruView Connex, an API that provides programmatic access to all the information collected by TruView.  The agent then pushes the TruView data into the New Relic dashboard where it can be viewed by New Relic users.

With TruView’s custom dashboard creation capability, the New Relic dashboard is also viewable within TruView.

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