Fluke Networks have released the 10.5 release for the NTMC or Network Time Machine Carrier.

The v10.5c release of NTM Carrier enhances LTE service providers’ ability to troubleshoot issues when subscribers switch between LTE and 3G(HSPA) services. It also eases traffic analysis around backhaul with GPRS Tunneled Protocol (GTP) or Ethernet over Ethernet (EoE) encapsulation.

  • New NTMC system features:
    • New Tunnel Traffic supported: Ethernet over Ethernet(EoE)
    • NTMC with v10.5c now runs on 1Gbps and entry level 10G NTM appliances: PO1B, ST4M, ST4E and PR4M. CSN/NTMC-SW01 LTE Analysis and CSN/NTMC-SW04 VoLTE Analysis options are applicable to these SKUs.
  • New features activated with the NTMC-SW01 option
    • Analysis of procedures in interfaces used during LTE/3G handover: S3/S4,SGs,Gn/Gp,S2a
    • Decode protocols used in the 3G/LTE handover interfaces: PMIP, GTPv1 and SGsAP
    • New capture modes supported: mobile backhaul, mobile core and IP only.
    • LTE procedure timeout detection
    • Failed LTE procedures are highlighted in subscriber/procedure view in Atlas

PlexNet this year has grown our team with the addition of two new hires.

Gloria Purse joined PlexNet at the beginning of January as our Office Manager. Gloria will be handling all internal administration requirements. Gloria has many years’ experience in office management and she will be an invaluable addition to PlexNet.

Harry Li has joined PlexNet at the beginning of February and will be the senior SE for PlexNet. Harry has had over 8 years’ experience as the in country SE for Fluke Networks, and this experience  is going to greatly assist bringing technical and services assistance to PlexNet’s customer base.

We extend a big welcome to both Gloria and Harry, and encourage our clients to reach out to both Gloria and Harry when they need assistance.

Fluke Networks creates special edition of AANPM for Dummies ebook 

Together with Wiley publishers, the popular creator of the “Dummies” guide books series, Fluke Networks have created a special edition: AANPM for Dummies with Fluke Networks as recognized sponsor.


This is a guide that helps network professionals understand how to integrate network and application performance monitoring  and positions Fluke Networks as a thought-leader in the AANPM space.

Highlights include

  • Tackle the complexities - keep up with the increasing demands on networks and applications
  • See the big picture - use AANPM to gain visibility from the data centre to the end user
  • Integrate and analyze - pull performance data into one place to better identify and isolate the trouble spots
  • Get started - be sure the solution you choose can really connect all the dots
  • Be a leader, not just a follower in the brave new world of network diagnostics and solutions

Fluke Networks will be releasing a new version of Spectrum XT in early October.

This will be v3.6.2. This release includes the following new features, plus a few critical bug fixes.


The new features include:

  • Support for Microsoft® Windows 8.1 Pro/Enterprise 64 bit
  • AirMagnet Spectrum XT now includes detection of 802.11ac devices when using a supported 802.11n Wi-Fi adapter
  • Installation includes automatic installation of the driver for the Spectrum USB adapter.

Is Tapping Low Optical Budget Links Making you Pull Your Hair (or the TAPs) Out?

By: Gina Fallon, VSS Product Management

If you have ever had to do split ratio calculations for passively tapping network links, you have a tendency to want to pull your hair out over the mathematical Olympics required. When you have to deal with low optical budgets, it takes the challenge even a step closer to the tipping point where there is no budget left to establish link with the network device and/or probe attached to the passive tap. The most common offenders are 10G & 40G Multimode where Cisco’s 40G Multimode BiDi (40GbaseSR2) budget is so tight it is not even recommended for passive tapping at all.

The solution is to go to active optical tapping. These taps don’t employ optical splitters (which have inherent insertion loss) and actually regenerate the optical signal on both the network and monitor transmit sides. VSS Monitoring offers vBroker Series products with PowerSafe chassis modules which also offer layer 1 Fail Open/Close state configurability if there is power loss or as a manual force Fail Open option during power on and a full range of optic technology support (10G MM, 40G MM, 40G MM BiDi, 40G SM, etc.).

Check out our full technical write up here: Tapping Low Optical Budget Links

...the Highly Differentiated and Advanced Testing Solution from Fluke Networks

Visual TruView™ is a highly scalable platform that was built as a hybrid network and application systems monitoring, troubleshooting and analysis solution

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — September 3, 2014 — Based on its recent analysis of the application-aware network performance monitoring (AANPM) solutions market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Fluke Networks with the 2014 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation Leadership for Visual TruView™, the company’s flagship integrated performance monitoring and troubleshooting solution. Designed with best-in-class features and comprehensive customer satisfaction attributes, Visual TruView is deployed across a wide strata of users, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare and financial services.
TruView - All in one visibility

TruView – Delivering 5 Capabilities in One Device at ½ the Price

Fluke Networks has released OneTouch AT version software.  This new software incorporates bug fixes and stability enhancements. It does not add any new features.  It is available free to all Gold owners and will ship in all newly manufactured testers.

You should update your OneTouch AT demo unit with the new software to improve its performance and cloud service responsiveness.  When you install the new software you must also install a new version of the Demo profile.  Instructions for both follow.
How to get the new version 3.0.1 software

  1. Go to and sign into your MyAccount. You will need Gold to unlock the software.
  2. Click on “Downloads and Updates” and select “OneTouch AT Network Assistant”
  3. Download the OneTouch AT software upgrade (.zip file)
  4. Extract (unzip) the “OneTouch_AT_3.0.1.18.img” file
  5. Copy the .img file to a USB flash drive
  6. Connect the USB flash drive to your OneTouch AT tester
  7. Tap the TOOLS icon and scroll down to “Update Software”
  8. Tap “usbstorage” and then the .img file.
  9. Tap OK and follow the prompts.

Interesting article that looks at the benefits of using a tool like OptiView from a non-product perspective.

Video presented by Tony Fortunato from The Technology Firm

.... for Best Overall IT Company in the 9th Annual 2014 Hot Companies and Best Products Awards


Arbor CloudSM wins Bronze for Best New Product

Burlington, Mass – June 25, 2014 – Arbor Networks, a leading provider of DDoS and advanced threat protection solutions for enterprise and service provider networks, announced today that Network Products Guide, the industry's leading technology research and advisory guide, has chosen Arbor Networks as a Gold winner for Best Overall IT Company at the 9th Annual 2014 Hot Companies and Best Products Awards. Additionally, Arbor CloudSM won a Bronze award for Best New Product of the Year.

Read the full Press Release

One of the really good things about the new NTMC or Network Time Machine 'Carrier' is that it truly is a carrier grade or enterprise acceptable solution with an OS that is now more hardened via Windows Server 2008R2. Gone are the Windows 7 days....

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