7 Reasons for a High Speed Analyser

…and 7 reasons why SYNESIS can help with this SYNESIS is a high-capacity, high-performance, appliance-based packet capture and analysis device designed to monitor network traffic and analyse failures. SYNESIS uses a technique that captures data flowing through a network at … Read More

What you can and can’t do with Wireshark

Generally speaking, when it comes to packet capture tools, many people think of “Wireshark” first. And to be honest it is a very useful tool with great filtering and analytic capabilities. So why do you need paid tools? Two features … Read More

Fermilab Selected TOYO Corporation’s High-Speed Network Capture Appliance

SYNESIS to Help Fermilab to Monitor and Control High-Bandwidth Data Flows TOYO Corporation, the leading test and measurement company, today announced that Fermilab, a United States Department of Energy national laboratory, has selected 100G SYNESIS to be part of their … Read More