Packet-Level Visibility into your Virtual Traffic

We’re excited to introduce ProfiTap’s first new product of 2020: The new Profitap Virtual TAP (vTAP)a new, scalable and easy to manage approach to get complete visibility into your (inter-) VM traffic for security, analytics and performance monitoring.

With Profitap vTAP, you will be able to directly tap on the VMware infrastructure, which means no extra privileged access to the hypervisors is required.

Designed to be a highly scalable orchestrator, Profitap vTAP can scale at the click of a button and grow with your network according to your requirements. On top of that, Profitap vTAP will help you:

  • Enable security, availability and performance through proactive monitoring of virtual data centers.
  • Get full visibility of VM traffic including inter-VM east-west traffic flows.
  • Manage your VMs in a simple and comprehensive way using a single management interface,  the vTAP controller.

To learn more about the Profitap vTAP or discuss your virtual monitoring requirements, please visit the vTAP product page, e-mail us at or give us a call at +61 2 8203 9500

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