Ekahau Wi-Fi Design Day

Wi-Fi Lifecycle Support

What a great event. So many good speakers and our presentation at the Sydney Wi-Fi Design Day (#wifidesignday) seemed to go down well. Everything from WPA3 standards to Wi-Fi6 and associated demos, the Design Day this year had a quite a lot of tech to offer.

As PlexNet has done a lot around wireless testing, analysis and troubleshooting I (Dom Fitzgibbon) thought I’d do a Lifecycle Support presentation to try to open up new ideas on methodologies, and of what the market actually has to offer from a technical standpoint.

Of course in line with the day I stayed away from promoting products, and used screen shots from various tools to demonstrate my points. Of course I used screen shots from solutions that PlexNet supplies (including Ekahau), but at the end of the day the products I used are from leading vendors in the field of testing and analysis.

Speakers from the day with Antony Prasad from Ekahau

Speakers were:

Also read through our Wireless Solutions offerings for insight into how we address wireless networking.

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