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The world leader in application and network performance management products and solutions.

Today’s corporate enterprise is a rich and complex array of applications, services, software, and hardware. Your business and reputation rely on the “Always up” availability of these systems and services. NetScout are in the business of keeping all of those discrete pieces running in harmony and without interruption.

  • Arbor Security DDoS and Analytics Solutions
  • Handheld Wired and Wireless Test Solutions


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Spirent is leading the way in testing, assurance, analytics, and security to assure the capabilities and performance of networks, network equipment, devices, and services.

Spirent provide expert guidance and methodologies to help our customers find clarity in the face of complexity, overcome the challenges of a fast-approaching future, and ultimately deliver on their promise to their own customers.

Promise. Assured.


Cloud Infrastructure Validation

Is your Cloud built on solid ground?

Resource-intensive applications are driving higher bandwidth requirements—both in the data center and in the cloud. Spirent offers the industry’s first and leading portfolio for Cloud workloads and virtualized infrastructures across Compute, Network, Storage, Services and APIs. Customers make promises to their stakeholders to deliver next-generation apps and services from any Cloud–private, public or hybrid. Spirent Cloud solutions assures they deliver on that promise.


High Speed Network Testing

Assuring a high-quality user experience in a high-speed network.

Spirent’s High-Speed Ethernet (HSE) 400G, 200G, 100G, 50G, 40G, 25G, and 10G portfolio allows you to quickly and confidently launch products and services dependent on the emerging cost-effective, high-speed, and high-density technologies. Service providers promise their customers a reliable, high-quality user experience. Spirent’s industry-leading testing products and services assure that they fulfill their promise.


Service Assurance & Analytics

Service assurance for evolving networks across the lifecycle

To realize the potential of NFV, 5G, and IoT, providers need to automate and accelerate the service lifecycle. Spirent is pioneering a new approach to testing and assurance based on DevOps principles, called Lifecycle Service Assurance (LSA), that helps operators accelerate the service lifecycle, reduce costs, and enable differentiated quality to acquire and retain happy, loyal customers. Service providers make a promise to provide flexible, high-quality services to their customers. Spirent assures that they deliver on that promise.


Cybersecurity & Compliance

Security and Performance Testing plus Penetration Testing Services

Industry-leading security and performance solutions and services providing intelligence, allowing you to understand your organization’s cybersecurity posture. Leverage the industry’s most advanced security testing platforms, security specialists with industry-specific expertise, and realistic application load and threat traffic – so you can tame the massive complexity of cybersecurity. 



Taps, Bypass Switches and Packet Brokers
Wireless Survey Tools and Analysis
Synthetic Transactions and Network Performance
Network Mapping, Asset Tracking and Troubleshooting
Network Emulation / Replication from 10Mbps to 10Gbps
Capture from 1Gbps to 100G with zero packet loss

About PlexNet

PlexNet is a dynamic company providing technical services and solutions to the Australian ICT marketplace.

The company’s founders have over 38 years of combined technical and sales experience. This ensures PlexNet is more than able to meet the needs of its current and prospective clients.

Over the last 18 years we have worked closely with many vendors and technology solutions and this experience defines what PlexNet is today. The demands of the IT and data communications industry across the Australian and global marketplace are constantly changing and we are fully cognisant of these changes and welcome the challenges they present

With major global partners such as Colasoft, Edge Technologies, ExtraHop, Infoblox, Nyansa, NETSCOUT, ProfiTap, Spirent Communications and Virtual Instruments, and well supported by a number of other partners, PlexNet has an unparalleled solution and skill set.

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