Network and Application Analysis and Performance Management is one of PlexNet's speciality and is an important part of securing the network environment and ensuring business continuity through operability.

Once infrastructure and/or applications are deployed network and performance analysis tools should be part of an everyday management strategy to ensure that the environment is still performing as it did when first deployed. In addition ensuring that patching and upgrades don't cause ongoing issues is important to monitor pre and post upgrade windows. 

Many solutions can be a drain on productivity and profits, as they may be expensive to purchase, cumbersome to maintain, and time-consuming to execute within the application development security life cycle. At PlexNet we understand this and constantly work with our clients to ensure that an optimum solution is always provided in concert with budgetary guidelines.

PlexNet's solution set covers both wired and wireless as well as applications traversing that infrastructure. Additionally analysis the impact to security across both wired and wireless is also covered within our Analysis portfolio.

PlexNet's range of network, application and security analysis and performance tools include the following leading edge solutions:

Testing Overview

Application Performance, Stress Testing & Emulation
From 10Mbps to 100Gbps, PlexNet has the solutions to provide application performance testing and emulation. All our application performance products are full L1-L7 and generate real stageful traffic. When testing real web servers or application servers only realistic traffic can provide reliable results. If stress testing is not required but moreso a functional understanding is required, PlexNet has the solution set to provide either on-site or cloud based testing. Many solutions also work hand-in-hand with analysis tools so the development to testing to production cycle can fully understood. Our solutions include:
Device Performance and Stress Testing
At times, through an organisations IT lifecycle, products will be added to the environment. Interoperability and performance differences from the equipment being superseded need to be understood. Developing a test methodology for a single device at times can differ from say and application or network test. It is sometimes important to understand what specific device rulesets will yield or what a new upgrade feature will provide. Testing a device independently of the network and then as part of the network is an important aspect of the test cycle for any organisation. Our solutions include: 
Network Performance and Stress Testing
Network performance can be the bane of any IT Manager's existence. The common phrase that 'it's the network' is constantly used even when an application or application server is responsible. Having a reliable test environment and methodology to test and monitor the network is of ultimate importance. PlexNet's network testing solutions can provide valuable insight into performance issues, device interoperability, or even how devices perform in a production or lab environment. Our solutions are geared for both the lab and the production environment as it is not always feasible to work out issues in the lab alone. Our solutions include:
Security Performance and Fuzzing
Security testing is a big industry and many organisations offer different types of security testing. PlexNet's solution specifically addresses understanding the performance or vulnerabilities of firewalls, IPS/IDSs, or security devices. By using an exploit database together with real-traffic, the ability to provide protection during the loads of a usual busy day can be determined. Having a device fail due to denial of service attack, or having servers infected by known exploits, is what PlexNet's solutions address. Fuzzing is used to take a standard exploit and 'tweak' various aspects to effectively create a totally new type of exploit. These security tools work together with our application and network performance solutions. These include:
WiFi and 3G/LTE Analysis
With the growth of WiFi and mobile solutions, performance of these mediums is becoming more and more important. By supporting all variants, including 802.11ac Wave 3 (10Gbps), wireless backhaul is quickly becoming a bottleneck. Understanding the performance and coverage of a wireless network is critical to providing a reliable environment. Unlike wired solutions, wireless can have different physical deployments for coverage, user loading, and invariably leads to every client's environment being unique. Mobility with LTE and VoLTE is also has a similar problem with more and more mobile devices becoming part of a business critical environment. The test cycle is equally important. Our solutions include:


About PlexNet

PlexNet is a dynamic company providing technical services and solutions to the Australian ICT marketplace.

The company’s founders have over 38 years of combined technical and sales experience. This ensures PlexNet is more than able to meet the needs of its current and prospective clients.

Over the last 18 years we have worked closely with many vendors and technology solutions and this experience defines what PlexNet is today. The demands of the IT and data communications industry across the Australian and global marketplace are constantly changing and we are fully cognisant of these changes and welcome the challenges they present

With major global partners such as Colasoft, Edge Technologies, ExtraHop, Infoblox, Nyansa, NETSCOUT, ProfiTap, Spirent Communications and Virtual Instruments, and well supported by a number of other partners, PlexNet has an unparalleled solution and skill set.

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