Utilising a number of different toolsets PlexNet can provide both Wireless Surveys, Analysis troubleshooting and Stress Testing. We use best of breed products from NETSCOUT and SPIRENT. 

Predictive Wireless Site Surveys

A predictive site survey is a virtual survey of your site or facility that uses pertinent information about the site to plan the wireless network. Typically this means the building floor plans are loaded into predictive site survey software to develop a wireless network design. 

Predictive site survey tools will account for walls, windows, doors, internal divisions and then building materials, square meterage, and the number of wireless users, types of applications, antenna models and other variables to provide a reliable predictive wireless plan for your site or facility.

Cost is based per building depending on the building size and how many locations you’ll need, and of course the overall complexity of the actual site or building.

Onsite Wireless Site Surveys

Wireless performance is becoming more and more important with business depending on the wireless network. With all new deployments or updates in topology an onsite survey should be used. During an Onsite Survey, an engineer takes the predictive site survey results and tests the wireless design to prove the design in a real world environment. At times there are no predictive surveys and OnSite Surveys are done merely to understand the current wireless performance or to understand where improvements can be made.

Things like interference (noise, BlueTooth, etc) can be measured onsite where as a predictive design obviously can’t do that. An onsite survey can identify any devices that may be causing interference and pinpoints its location and verify a proper wireless design. We also have software to simulate VoIP and streaming media to make sure they will work seamlessly in your environment.

Cost depends on the site or building size, how many locations you’ll need, and what type of applications you want to work on your wireless network. All OnSite Surveys are done simultaneously with Spectrum Analysis.

If you’re thinking about a wireless network deployment, we can offer a free consultation to help you put together a test plan for your environment.  


Wireless Load Testing

The need for load testing, be it throughput or user based load is increasing more and more. With many business, government and educational wireless deployments there are areas that not only need raw throughput but need to cater for sometimes hundreds to thousands of simultaneous users. Understanding how this will perform in the field can sometimes be a challenging undertaking.

We can solve that sort of testing for you. Using tools from SPIRENT we can emulated 100s or 1000s of authenticated users, load realistic traffic profiles and even have them roam to understand how APs, controllers and switches handle this dynamic type of movement.

About PlexNet

PlexNet is a dynamic company providing technical services and solutions to the Australian ICT marketplace.

The company’s founders have over 38 years of combined technical and sales experience. This ensures PlexNet is more than able to meet the needs of its current and prospective clients.

Over the last 18 years we have worked closely with many vendors and technology solutions and this experience defines what PlexNet is today. The demands of the IT and data communications industry across the Australian and global marketplace are constantly changing and we are fully cognisant of these changes and welcome the challenges they present

With major global partners such as Colasoft, Edge Technologies, ExtraHop, Infoblox, Nyansa, NETSCOUT, ProfiTap, Spirent Communications and Virtual Instruments, and well supported by a number of other partners, PlexNet has an unparalleled solution and skill set.

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