Spirent Enterprise Solutions

Optimize network reliability and performance to ensure a quality user experience

A customer's Quality of Experience (QoE) is of paramount importance, however, the typical user does not understand your network’s growth and overall complexity. Spirent Enterprise solutions test and measure the performance of your network, apps, and sites to increase its performance, so users will never face limited speeds, site downtime, or complete outages due to high volumes of traffic.



Next-Generation Security

Performance and Scalability


Today’s IT needs granular visibility of data, giving rise to a new generation of network security solutions like next-generation Firewall, IDS and IPS. That’s why CyberFlood™ gives you state-of-the-art testing technology to help you gauge the performance and effectiveness of your security environment by emulating the most realistic traffic volumes, and a wide range of threat and attack scenarios.


Malware Detection

Malware and Botnet Protection

CyberFlood - Malware

Malware detection testing must be conducted at a very vulnerable area of your network—the perimeter. Test security devices, firewalls, proxies and gateways for their ability to identify and keep out malware. Spirent’s Advanced Malware testing solution provides the means to verify the network’s ability to defend against today’s sophisticated malware constructs with an up-to-date database of malware samples and from a variety of test vectors.


Cloud and Network

Test. Measure. Validate


Network testing made easy. Introducing Spirent Temeva, a revolutionary new platform, providing convenient access to all your network and cloud testing needs. It is hosted and managed in the cloud so the web application can be easily managed from anywhere, with any device. With Temeva, you can configure a test, measure, analyze, and share valuable test metrics across teams for improved productivity and user experience.


Network Scale and Reliability

Understanding Choke Points 

Spirent TestCenter

Ethernet speeds are increasing. Networks are becoming more intelligent. Topologies are scaling to sizes never seen before. Spirent’s high-speed Ethernet portfolio allows you to quickly and confidently launch products and services dependent on the emerging cost-effective, high-speed and high density 100G, 50G, 40G, 25G, and 10G technologies.


Cybersecurity Framework

Real-world Emulation

CyberFlood - Fuzzing

Emulate real-world application traffic in combination with malicious traffic to test your network’s ability to detect, isolate and prevent security attacks and its ability to allow continuous operation. Spirent offers a scalable framework-based solution with enhanced mutation-based test cases to provide maximum test coverage to support customer-imported protocols, with the ability to scale utilizing hyper-realistic L4 - L7 traffic. Mutation-based fuzzing seed values are used to easily alter the negative inputs used in the test, and to allow for the same mutation to be used in ongoing or future tests.


Bring Your Own Device

Assure Corporate BYOD 


Employees using their own smartphones and tablets create a big challenge when it comes to ensuring the security of your network and access to data. With Spirent BYOD testing, you can analyze your network’s security response by emulating connections and activity on hundreds or even thousands of non-corporate devices in a matter of minutes.


Uncovering Vulnerabilities to Mitigate Risk

Spirent SecurityLabs™

The Spirent SecurityLabs’ services are structured to produce high-impact results with minimal impact on the client organisation. Spirent's dedicated teams of experienced security professionals offer comprehensive scanning, penetration testing and monitoring services for networks, wireless, websites, mobile applications, embedded devices, as well as source code analysis. An ethical hacking exercise can reveal the security weakness and digital risks within your organization, before someone else exposes them, either inadvertently or maliciously.

What to Test


Response Time

What should users expect when accessing information? At what point does service begin to degrade?



How much bandwidth is actually available? What is the impact when under load or attack?



Are new users able to connect? How fast can new connections be established when existing users are stressing the system?


Enterprise Security

Are threats being caught? How much does the system slow down when additional security is implemented?


TCP Throughput

Constantly monitor TCP throughput, set a threshold for acceptable levels of performance, and discover network boundaries and limitations.


Website Performance

How much can your website handle? Do customers abandon their cart when the site takes too long to load?

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PlexNet is a dynamic company providing technical services and solutions to the Australian ICT marketplace.

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With major global partners such as Colasoft, Edge Technologies, ExtraHop, Infoblox, Nyansa, NETSCOUT, ProfiTap, Spirent Communications and Virtual Instruments, and well supported by a number of other partners, PlexNet has an unparalleled solution and skill set.

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