Business Assurance and IT Transformation

Digital Transformation is changing the business, and IT must also transform to achieve the speed, reliability, security, and rapid deployment required by today’s digital business initiatives. NETSCOUT’s Business Assurance solutions, anchored in our unique ASI technology, address the combination of needs for IT transformation initiatives, including large scale unified communications projects, custom application roll-outs, and increasingly frequent public and private cloud projects, which require unprecedented levels of visibility and insight in real time for timely implementation and consistently high service quality.

Advanced Network Performance Management 

Slow-downs and disruptions in business services wreak havoc on employee productivity and customer satisfaction, ultimately impacting revenue. Pinpointing the source of these problems presents its own set of challenges, further complicated by the complexity of the service and network architecture. Traffic-based intelligence is needed when diagnosing whether client services, servers, application environments or the infrastructure network is causing a problem, so you can resolve issues without costly delays.

Traffic-based intelligence speeds resolution of issues

The more you know, the better you can support your organization. NETSCOUT solutions help you accurately monitor traffic across your network with deep granularity, so you can identify capacities, network, and/or services shortfalls, as well as better understand how resources are being consumed enterprise-wide. This way, you can provide a flawless user experience by achieving extraordinary service quality. 

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Advanced Packet Analysis 

Perform deep-dive troubleshooting

When performing deep-dive troubleshooting at the protocol level, a common challenge is to sift through millions of packets and terabytes of data. Without Advanced Packet Analysis from NETSCOUT – the people that invented Sniffer – you could be at a considerable disadvantage.

In-depth packet analysis you can rely on

NETSCOUT provides traffic based packet data analytics with sophisticated filtering to make it easy for you to quickly identify and troubleshoot complex network and application performance issues. 

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Application Rollouts 

Roll out new applications and services with confidence

As application developers move to a model of continuous deployment, operations teams must be able to respond quickly to new rollouts and provide feedback on the performance of services as they move into production. These application rollouts often depend on existing infrastructure services and resources. Successful rollouts depend on the ability of IT operations staff to collaborate with development teams and ensure that new applications have sufficient resources that are effectively managed to meet the expectations of their end-users.

Enables IT organisations to:

  • Baseline service response times of new and existing services
  • Manage service performance during pilot and production phases of the project
  • Protect end-user experience in production environments
  • Ensure collaboration between IT teams
  • Eliminate finger pointing between project stakeholders
  • Customize analytics provided to derive key insights into all business-critical applications and services

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Get end-to-end visibility into SaaS, private and public cloud

Digital transformation is driving rapid change in IT environments, as applications expand past their traditional datacenter confines. The possibilities are endless, and so too are the business challenges of managing services on and off premises.

With these solutions clients can:

  • Manage cloud-based service performance
  • Eliminate finger pointing with third party vendors to minimize troubleshooting time
  • Reduce mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) issues impacting user experience
  • Simplify operations and improve efficiency
  • Reduce operational costs and complexity

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Cyber Security 

DDoS Protection

Arbor Networks® DDoS Protection Solutions are proven in the world’s most demanding networks. Our portfolio offers complete deployment and pricing flexibility through a mix of managed services, in-cloud, on-premise and virtualized solutions.

Advanced Threats

Arbor Networks®Advanced Threat Solutions leverage NetFlow and Packet Capture technology for network-wide situational awareness, broad and deep traffic visibility and dynamic security intelligence that converts threat detection and incident response into powerful visualizations, and rapid, real-time and historical insights.

Global Traffic Intelligence

ATLAS® is a collaborative project with more than 330 ISP customers who share hundreds of terabits per second of anonymous traffic data. From this unique vantage point, Arbor is ideally positioned to deliver intelligence about, and protections from, botnets, DDoS attacks, malicious campaigns and advanced threats.

Network Visibility

Sound performance and threat management start with network visibility. The vast majority of the world’s ISPs rely on Arbor for visibility from the peering edge, at the customer edge, into data centers and on mobile networks. Arbor intelligently analyzes data from across the network allowing you to detect threats, improve traffic engineering, provide business insights, and optimize service performance so you can enhance the bottom line.

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Packet Acquistion 

Achieve a unified packet plane for rapid insight.

Today’s service assurance and cybersecurity solutions require unified visibility into network traffic from key vantage points across your global enterprise. To direct the right traffic to the right tool at the right time and meet your corporate objectives you need a seamless, high-density packet acquisition system that provides the scale, capacity, and flexibility. nGenius packet flow switches from NETSCOUT efficiently and intelligently optimize the flow of data from the network to the monitoring tools.

Building a Scalable Packet System

The nGenius Packet Flow Switch family brings carrier-scale and reliability to enterprise data center packet acquistion and delivers hardware-accelerated switching technology for large-scale network monitoring fabrics. You can tap everywhere, and deploy probes and security systems anywhere in the network, enabling the scale you need with the performance required. With advanced packet processing capabilities, nGenius Packet Flow Switches optimize traffic flows across multiple NETSCOUT service assurance solutions and cybersecurity systems.

The nGenius Packet Flow Switches:

  • Improve service assurance and cybersecurity tool performance by sending the right information to the right tool
  • Extend monitoring and security tool longevity by enabling tools to collect traffic from any link
  • Simplify network engineering and lower costs
  • Scale seamlessly as network monitoring tools or security systems evolve
  • Streamline business assurance operations through synergistic integration with the nGenius solution

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Proactive Service Triage 

Proactive Service Triage Empowers You to Innovate with Confidence

In the era of Digital Transformation, enterprises are constantly pressured to innovate by delivering IP services faster, at scale and with higher quality. As such, service degradations and outages are not an option. NETSCOUT helps you to proactively detect and resolve service issues by harnessing the full power of IP Intelligence.

Reduce Time Wasted on Root-Cause Analysis

NETSCOUT’s nGeniusONE platform powered by Adaptive Service Intelligence™ (ASI) technology delivers proactive service triage that helps identify the root-cause of service issues so they can be fixed before users are impacted. The nGeniusONE platform provides insight into all service dependencies based on continuous monitoring of the infrastructure, and offers contextual workflows that help guide the user to detect the root-cause with a few clicks of a mouse. In essence, NETSCOUT enables you to:

  • Assure business service availability/continuity and protect the user experience
  • Become more agile in delivering new services faster, at scale and with higher quality
  • Reduce time spent in the war room
  • Reduce operations and support cost and complexity
  • Accelerate problem resolution capabilities by proactively detecting service degradations and resolving issues before they impact end-users

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Synthetics Analysis 

Deliver high quality service

Business users rely on you to keep them connected to the network, applications and services they need to do their jobs. Adoption of SaaS and hybrid cloud solutions continues to explode, and with the growth of VoIP usage, expectations remain high for network performance to support flawless communications. You need the ability constantly measure service availability and performance in both public and private cloud deployments.

Always on SLA management

NETSCOUT gives you the visibility to monitor the cloud services your business users leverage. nGenius PULSE provides synthetic analysis that allows you to automatically and routinely simulate real user actions giving an assessment of user experience. With availability monitoring, you gain insight for consistent base line metrics. Whether your users are currently working in the system or not, you will be proactively alerted about issues or outages.

Use NETSCOUT synthetic analysis to:

  • Test and monitor business user access and response time to SaaS applications, public and private cloud based applications
  • Verify the availability of VoIP service for users and the quality of internal and external VoIP calls
  • Ensure reachability, connectivity, and response time from anywhere
  • Set performance thresholds and receive alerts to resolve issues before they impact users
  • Isolate problem domain to assign to correct IT team to reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
  • Produce accurate reporting of SaaS and VoIP performance to evaluate SLA compliance

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UC&C Performance Management

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C)

Improving collaboration and boosting business productivity.

Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) Services need to be available all the time to keep you connected to your customers, prospects, partners, vendors and employees. However, managing complex UC&C environments where voice, video, video conferencing and instant messaging are more tightly coupled with other IT systems such as email, calendar, authentication and DNS systems over the converged IP network is difficult without strong performance management visibility. Traditional management tools are narrowly focused by design, and when things do go wrong, you can’t pinpoint the source of the problem if it falls outside the scope of the tool.

NETSCOUT’s solutions provide in-depth intelligence for monitoring UC&C deployments enables and empowers IT teams to assure the availability and quality of UC&C services and achieve the desired ROI for UC&C projects. The NETSCOUT Solution provides:

  • Rapid triage of complex UC&C problems in real-time related to voice and video media performance, call signaling server performance, and network and service enablers
  • Synthetic, active-testing for automatic and routine service availability and call quality monitoring
  • Top-down approach to problem identification, service triage and resolution of issues with VoIP, SIP Trunking, Microsoft Skype for Business, Cisco UC or Contact Center environments
  • Faster resolution of UC&C service issues with user ID/extension based call search and diagnostics for real-time first line support response

NETSCOUT support the pre-deployment planning and assessment of new UC&C services, the base-lining and rollout of those UC&C services, and can manage and monitor the ongoing operation of the those UC&C services to the highest standards of uptime and availability. NETSCOUT’s advanced technologies allow organizations to monitor the UC health, end-user experience and in-depth packets all at the same time providing the following solutions:

  • Combine both active (synthetic) and passive monitoring together for TOTAL visibility
  • Work across any highly complex UC&C environments and all applications no matter the scale
  • Monitor voice, video or data applications in real-time
  • See across the broader IT environment to rapidly determine the true root cause of UC&C issues
  • Help IT professionals avoid problems and fix problems faster when they arise
  • Work across any and all multi-vendor environments

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