Virtualisation & Cloud Computing

Virtualisation & Cloud Computing

Proven scalability and reliability of virtual and cloud infrastructures


Future-proof your Data Centre

Resource-intensive applications are driving higher bandwidth requirements—both in the data centre and in the cloud. Spirent’s virtualisation and cloud test solutions enable our clients to architect the modern software-defined data centres that is ready to use and deliver next-generation apps and services, from anywhere.


High-Speed Internet

Performance and Scalability

Spirent TestCenter / Attero - 100G

Ethernet speeds are increasing. Networks are becoming more intelligent. Topologies are scaling to sizes never seen before. Spirent’s high-speed Ethernet portfolio allows you to quickly and confidently launch products and services dependent on the emerging cost-effective, high-speed and high density 100G, 50G, 40G, 25G, and 10G technologies.


Data Centre integrity

Validate the DC

Spirent TestCenter

Data center overlay technologies like VXLAN and EVPN let you maximize the scale of your cloud networks and storage. But how will you keep your data center overlays in check? Spirent can validate network programmability of the switching fabric at scale with large number of nodes and new protocols.


OpenFlow Networks

SDN Delivery

Spirent TestCenter

With OpenFlow specifications changing rapidly, are your network’s controllers or switches ready to handle the stress of a real-time programmable network? Spirent can help you validate and deploy SDN opportunistically in a multitude of real-world scenarios of Functional and Performance testing.


Virtual Platform Optimisation

Ensuring Cloud Excellence

Spirent TestCenter Virtual

Validating throughput and scalability of virtual infrastructure is critical to ensure cloud service excellence. Spirent can help benchmark and optimize the performance of your entire data center and cloud infrastructure including network virtualization and cloud platforms like OpenStack, VMware vCloud and CloudStack.


Cloud and SLA Validation

Maximising Cloud Investments

Spirent Cloud

If you don’t know how your virtual infrastructure performs, it’s tough to create SLAs for globally-distributed customers. Spirent Cloud testing solutions will allow you to benchmark and optimize the performance of virtualized networks and cloud infrastructure, thereby maximizing your cloud investments.


SDN and NFV Revolution

Scalable and Elastic Deployments

Spirent TestCenter

OpenFlow-based SDN can accelerate NFV deployments by offering a scalable, elastic, and on-demand architecture well suited for both virtual and physical networking infrastructures. Spirent’s test solutions ensure the scalability and reliability of cloud infrastructures and providing end-to-end visibility for SLA validation.


About PlexNet

PlexNet is a dynamic company providing technical services and solutions to the Australian ICT marketplace.

The company’s founders have over 38 years of combined technical and sales experience. This ensures PlexNet is more than able to meet the needs of its current and prospective clients.

Over the last 18 years we have worked closely with many vendors and technology solutions and this experience defines what PlexNet is today. The demands of the IT and data communications industry across the Australian and global marketplace are constantly changing and we are fully cognisant of these changes and welcome the challenges they present

With major global partners such as Colasoft, Edge Technologies, ExtraHop, Infoblox, Nyansa, NETSCOUT, ProfiTap, Spirent Communications and Virtual Instruments, and well supported by a number of other partners, PlexNet has an unparalleled solution and skill set.

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