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Managing your enterprise network infrastructure - routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, and wireless access points - is a time-consuming and manual job. NetBrain Enterprise Edition automates critical network tasks, such as documentation, troubleshooting diagnoses and change verification, saving critical time and preventing costly network outages.

NetBrain Enterprise Edition is highly scalable, leveraging one or more Workspace Servers to manage the data collected from the live network. Leveraging these servers you can schedule frequent benchmarks, which collects live data from the network and maintain a historical record which can be referenced during troubleshooting.



Top Features of NetBrain Enterprise Edition

Dynamic Network Mapping

Traditional diagramming technologies require users to manually collect data, and then draw diagrams icon-by-icon. A dynamic map is data-driven, instantly created, and automatically updated. It represents a technological breakthrough in network mapping.


Visual Search of Network Data

NetBrain's makes your entire network searchable so you can quickly access a vast database of network intelligence. From the search results, you can preview a device or configuration file, access relevant saved maps, or even create a new map around the device(s) in the results.


Deep Network Discovery

NetBrain discovers both what you have (L2/L3 network devices) and how they are put together (network design). This is achieved through a patented neighbor-walking discovery engine combined with advanced network modelling. During the discovery process, NetBrain simultaneously analyzes data collected from SNMP and the CLI, and decodes network design every step along the way. 


Automated Documentation

NetBrain can generate several types of network documentation by leveraging the network data model it created during the discovery process. When the live network changes, NetBrain's benchmark engine will update its backend data model. Users can then automatically update the exported documents.


Visual Troubleshooting

Network monitoring tools help to detect network outages but the steps to diagnose a detected alarm involves a lot of data collection and are almost always manual. The dynamic maps provide deep visibility into the network’s configuration, live performance, and even recent changes to the network. This level of map-driven analysis and diagnosis eliminates the need to collect data from the CLI during troubleshooting, making critical information visibly accessible.


Qapp™ - Next Generation Network Automation

NetBrain’s Qapp™ technology allows users to write their own automation. The automation features are 100% customizable - to adapt both to your network and to your network tasks. Through NetBrain's visual programming environment, users can develop Qapps which automatically collect and analyze network data and draw the results directly on the map.


Map Driven Change Management

Typically, 3 out of 4 network outages are caused by network change. Engineers can prevent human-error induced outages by leveraging NetBrain’s unique Change Management Workflow to automate network changes and instantly analyze their impact.


Change Analysis & Verification

With automated change verification, you're better equipped to detect issues caused by a configuration change within a change window, before end users are impacted. Armed with benchmark data both before and after a configuration update, you can see highlighted changes in configuration, routing, and more.


Automatically Deploy Changes

With NetBrain's optional Change Management Module, you can define a template for a configuration change and identify the devices/interfaces to be impacted. Then automatically execute the changes across all selected devices, and watch it happen in real time. If a change goes bad, you can roll it back with one click.


Traffic Path Analysis

NetBrain allows you to visualize and analyze dynamic traffic paths across complex networks. In order to map between two endpoints, just specify the IP addresses or hostnames at each end; NetBrain will perform a comprehensive analysis of the routing, VRF, ACL, and NAT design at each hop in the path.


Historical Analysis

Network change is constant. NetBrain has mechanisms in place to capture changes and help you find what's changed between two dates. You can compare historical data including config files and route/ARP/MAC/STP tables, to see the differences highlighted side-by-side.


Routing & Design Analysis

Network design is embedded inside millions of lines of configuration files. NetBrain parses your device configurations and intelligently analyzes the network's design, including routing, VLAN, and MPLS VRF. The design is intelligently organized and presented on a dynamic diagram to help reduce design complexities.


Thin Client Interface (via Web Browser)

In addition to the Rich Client installation of NetBrain, you can access NetBrain’s Thin Client interface – through any web browser – on a PC or a Mac. Most of NetBrain’s most powerful mapping features are available through this new interface, such as Visual Search, mapping a live A/B path, accessing inventory reports, and more. With the Thin Client, all the heavy processing occurs on the server, so mapping is faster than ever, through a simplified user interface. 


Scalability for Large Networks

NetBrain is designed to handle very large networks with tens of thousands of network nodes and hundreds of concurrent users. This scalability is achieved by intelligent distribution of computing resources among client workstations and enterprise server(s).


Multi-Vendor Support

NetBrain is a multi-vendor platform, capable of discovering, mapping, monitoring, and analyzing devices from most popular and many lesser-known vendors. Supported devices include routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, and WAPs.


Integration with NMS Systems

NetBrain has Northbound and Southbound integration APIs to work with several existing NMS solutions. For example, NetBrain can integrate with Netcool such that a dynamic map can be created directly from a Netcool alarm. More importantly, the value NetBrain brings to existing network management systems


Firewall Virtualisation & Failover Support

NetBrain supports virtualization and failover for PIX and ASA Firewalls.


L2 Topology Support for Virtual Port Channel (VPC)

NetBrain can now display VPC Peer-Links on a Layer-2 Qmap. This information is collected by the system through parsing of devices’ configuration. NetBrain discovers devices in the same VPC domain, confirms the keep-alive destination IP address, and then displays the VPC peer-link with a corresponding legend on the map.


System Requirements

NetBrain Enterprise Edition has five components: Customer License Server, Workspace Server, Automation Server, Network Server and Workstation.


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