End to End Performance for the Entire Lifecycle

IT is expected to make a measurable contribution to the achievement of ccompany targets for customer and user satisfaction.

This demand on IT requires IT management at a high level. The network and application teams must be able to understand the effect of the IT-performance on the business processes and should express this in a simple language that is understood by managers and users.

For this type of business focused IT, it is not always easy to visualize the necessary transparency from the business viewpoint. With the GeNiEnd2End monitoring solution the end-user experience from the view of a user are determined for applications as well as multimedia services like VoIP and IPTV.

Via objectively verifiable performance parameters, like for example application response times or voice quality (MOS-value), GeNiEnd2End visualizes the IT-service quality from a user viewpoint.

Under application of two tried and tested measurement procedures GeNiEnd2End determines the end-to-end service quality. Both methods are complimentary to each other and are frequently applied together.



  • Service-level-monitoring for Triple-Play-networks
  • Productivity advantages and cost reduction through key performance indicators for the entire service
  • Fast error correlation in case of response time problems without elaborate packet analysis



  • End-to-end performance monitoring for the entire lifecycle
  • Simple control and evaluation of the measurement values using a web browser
  • Controller adequate price model


Component Information

GeNiEnd2End Application

GeNiEnd2End Application is a proactive end-to-end monitoring solution, that supplies key performance indicators from critical business processes from the end user perspective. GeNiEnd2End Application measures the performance of business critical applications from a user viewpoint on client/server, web and mainframe platforms. 


GeNiEnd2End MultiTrace

GeNiEnd2End MultiTrace is designed for remote packet capturing. Centrally controlled via web browser, network traffic is captured on any computer where a GeNiTrace Agent is running. Complex filter rules can be applied to capture only the packets of interest to diagnose complex network problems.


GeNiEnd2End Network

The assessment and monitoring solution GeNiEnd2End Network is a active end-to-end performance testing software for the network engineer as well as for the service desk employee. The management software monitors 24/7 the network performance for multi-play applications and is expecially suited for a fast cause analysis with application response time issues.


GeNiEnd2End QoS 

GeNiEnd2End provides intelligent end-to-end visibility into the Quality of Service of Triple Play networks. It enhances GeNiEnd2End Network to identify automatically QoS misconfigurations.



GeNiJack is a new Integrated GeNiEnd2End Hardware Endpoint for NETCOR's GeNiEnd2End 24/7 end-to-end service monitoring software. 



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