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The OneTouch AT network assistant is an automated network troubleshooting tool that empowers IT professional teams to effectively validate, and troubleshoot Ethernet and Wi-Fi access networks. The tester incorporates dual copper and fibre optic test ports to facilitate troubleshooting of 10/100/1000 Mbps twisted pair and 100/1000 Mbps fibre Ethernet networks.

The dual ports simplify inline packet capture and VoIP monitoring by eliminating the need for mirror ports or taps. For troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks the OneTouch AT G2 tester incorporates an 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi radio with a 3x3 antenna. When connected to both wired and Wi-Fi networks the tester displays test results side-by-side on a single page to aid in problem domain isolation. 

REVEALED: 3 dangerous myths about DDoS attacks

The findings of the latest annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report (WISR) by Arbor Networks® show that Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks continue to be popular with attackers, and are increasing in size, frequency and complexity.

NEW! CyberFlood™ v16.4.0 Released

The Smarter way to test Applications & Security

CyberFlood is a powerful, easy-to-use test platform that generates thousands of different realistic application traffic scenarios, attacks, malware, and advanced fuzzing to test the performance, scalability and security of today’s application-aware network infrastructures. With v16.4.0 we have added new platform support and a number of exciting features increasing use case coverage and value for our customers.

NEW! Avalanche Commander v4.7.1 Released

The Smarter way to test Applications & Security

Spirent is pleased to announce Avalanche Commander v4.71 is now available for immediate download from the Spirent Customer Service Center –

Announcing the AirCheck™ G2 v1.1.1 Maintenance Release

A new maintenance release for the AirCheck G2 is now available. This is version 1.1.1, and includes some important maintenance fixes that are described in the release notes. There is also an update provided for the AirCheck G2 Manager that incorporates the same fixes.

AirCheck G2 firmware, AirCheck G2 software, and release notes for this upgrade are all now live on the website. 

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NEW! Avalanche Commander v4.68 Released - The Smarter way to test Applications & Security

The AppSec business unit is pleased to announce Avalanche Commander v4.68 has been posted to the Spirent Customer Service Center –

Release type

Avalanche Commander v4.68 is a major release of Avalanche Commander providing new hardware support, improved licensing options for Avalanche Virtual and a number of critical fixes.

The v5 firmware greatly enhances the OneTouch AT’s Wi-Fi validation and troubleshooting capability. The Link-Live cloud portal that already support Link-Solutions and AirCheck G2 will replace to become the default cloud portal for test result and report repository for OneTouch AT with v5 firmware as well. Link-Live benefits field team and help-desk with ease of documentation of troubleshooting status and report generation during project validation with its folder based result management structure. It is a timely enhancement to complement the OneTouch BOGO promotion that was recently launched.

The v5 firmware is backward compatible to all OneTouch AT with G1, G2 and 10G test modules. 

New features in OneTouch v5

  • Wi-Fi interferer detection & validation enhancement
    • Non 802.11 utilization (applicable only to 1T G2 units)
    • Interferer detect/classify/locate (applicable only to 1T G2 units)
    • Multiple AP validation by location
    • Initiate Wi-Fi-& Wired NPT from inside NAT Network
    • User-configurable roaming threshold
    • Offer Bonded channel info in UI and reports
  • Transition from to cloud portal as result repository. Link-live offers the following features to OneTouch AT users:
    • Zero Touch report upload
    • AutoTest results & report in dashboard
    • Add comment and image to test result via email
    • Remote control & file management
  • Miscellaneous
    • Inline auto-detect speed/duplex
    • Optical receiver power in UI and report
    • Chart & tabular results in performance test report
    • China LAT report translation update

NETSCOUT has now released version 9.0 for the AirMagnet Survey products: AirMagnet Survey PRO, AirMagnet Survey Express, and AirMagnet Planner. In addition to being fully NETSCOUT branded, this new release is focused on feedback we’ve received from our customers on ways to make the tool more valuable and usable.

At the same time, NETSCOUT will release Spectrum XT version 3.8 and Wi-Fi Analyzer version 11.2. These releases will also include NETSCOUT branding and user enhancements.

With organisations wanting to test 802.11ac environments there are a few options avialable.

It's very easy to use an existing 802.11 a/b/g/n dongle with your AirMagnet solution but finding a fully supported 802.11ac is difficult. Addtionally the off the shelf ones at JB Hi-Fi and the likes don't support 3x3 802.11ac. So how do you test these new 3x3 installations?

Unfortunately the answer isn't that straight forward either. Technically USB3.0 operates at 5Gbps so it should be able to handle 802.11ac 3x3 speeds of 1.3Gbps. However life isn't that easy as Netscout's AirMagnet Wi-Fi Analyser and Survey Pro only work with an external ExpressCard solution - AM/C1097 pictured below. There is also a solid technical reason why.

Download this file (C1097 3x3 PCI Express Card.pdf)802.11a/b/g/n/ac ExpressCard Adapter[ ]297 kB

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