NEW! Avalanche Commander v4.7.1 Released

The Smarter way to test Applications & Security

Spirent is pleased to announce Avalanche Commander v4.71 is now available for immediate download from the Spirent Customer Service Center –

Release Type

C100-S3 100G Multi-speed

The latest release of the C100-S3 provides a versatile multi speed capable solution for layer 4-7 Higher Speed Ethernet testing

  • QSFP28 interfaces
  • 2 x 100G line rate HTTP performance with high state traffic
  • Massive CPS and concurrent connection state creation
  • Support for future 10G, 40G and 50G capabilities
  • Works with Avalanche Commander and CyberFlood


SSL Acceleration

As more and more network traffic becomes encrypted the need for higher capacity SSL testing is now more apparent than ever.

  • An SSL accelerated C100-S3 provides 2-3 times improvements for encrypted bandwidth on high strength ciphers with large SSL certificates.
  • In recent customer trials Avalanche Commander with the SSL accelerator provided real-world mixed traffic tests not available with other solutions. This unique combination of performance and hyper-realism supports sales efforts for high-value positioning



In addition to SSL Acceleration being added to the C100-S3 offering Avalanche Commander now support the first in a series of email applications over SSL.  User can now test native SMTP email messages over encrypted connections.  This suite will grow to include IMAP and POP3 in 2017.


New C1 Configuration Support

Avalanche Commander is now compatible with the following C1 Appliance configuration:

  • Spirent C1 1G/WLAN (C1-KIT-05-2015-11AC) – 1G Support Only

Allows the ability to test application traffic across the wireless C1 configuration.

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